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I think that’s the good stuff. But I have been writing on the internet for a long time. It hasn't been all bangers.

  1. Google Reader Killed RSS
  2. A Simple Pattern for Jobs and Crons on AWS
  3. Are My Push Notifications Driving Users Away?
  4. Data Driven Products: Lean Startup 2014
  5. Thoughts on the Technical Track
  6. Growth Hacker TV Interview
  7. Belated Network World Story
  8. My Magnum Opus (Reconsidered)
  9. How Long Should You Run Experiments?
  10. Testing to Cull the Living Flower
  11. Yes! The Deploy Dashboard Graphs "Screwed Users."
  12. Why MongoDB Never Worked Out at Etsy
  13. My Magnum Opus
  14. Two New Projects
  15. Scala Parser for PHP Serialized Data
  16. Programming must be an Open System
  17. PGProxy: A Testing Proxy for Postgres
  18. Functional vs. Imperative Red-Black Tree Insertion
  19. Job Advertisement
  20. Etsy Haikus
  21. From the Annals of Dubious Achievement
  22. And We're Back
  23. PHP FAIL
  24. Memetastic
  25. elisp-ext.el
  26. Rule of Thumb
  27. Solitaire et Solidaire
  28. Some Photos of Brooklyn Renaissance
  29. Native Posix Python Condition Implementation
  30. Perhaps this is a Sign of Some Kind
  31. Haskell Mandelbrot Set
  32. How to Debug Python in GDB
  33. FeedEachOther
  34. Why is my Application Hanging in Weird Places?
  35. What is Dan Doing?
  36. Disaster Movie on Orchard and Stanton
  37. Crazy Hacker Tricks
  38. Is XAML an Elaborate Joke?
  39. Reverse Job Advertisement
  40. New Axe
  41. The Reports of my Madness may not be so Exaggerated
  42. TLB to XML
  43. Wheels I Have Reinvented
  44. First Impressions of CCR
  45. Debugging and Symbols FAQ
  46. Some Twists on Blocked Finalizers
  47. Please Stop Spamming the Debugger Output
  48. Pointless Minesweeper Source Code
  49. Pointless Minesweeper Clone
  50. Debugger Exercise: Displaying a Function's Return Value
  51. Beware the OutOfMemoryException Red Herring
  52. The Russian Doll Approach to Web Services
  53. C++ and VS2005 Deployment PSA
  54. The Worst Possible Way to Handle Exceptions
  55. A Real Head-Scratcher Courtesy The CLR and Office Teams
  56. Generic and Threadsafe Singleton Implementation
  57. Thus Ends the Great Adsense Experiment
  58. Choose Your Constants Carefully
  59. Online Sports Journalism Audition
  60. Debugger Feature Request
  61. Psychic Debugging: Random Crashes
  62. The Curse of Siragusa
  63. The Accidental Utility of Slashdot
  64. I'm All Sixes and Sevens and Nines
  65. Quick Debugger Tips
  66. Conventional Javascript Debugging is for Wimps
  67. SQL Server 2005 Database Diagram PSA
  68. The Canned Chili Cookoff
  69. A Meandering Static Locals Story
  70. Faking Multiple Inheritance With Event Handlers
  71. Using LeakDiag to Debug Unmanaged Memory Leaks
  72. Concurrency Approaches Contrasted
  73. Making a DataSet Read Only
  74. A Plea for Change in Sports Commentary
  75. Monad Script to Scrub Perfmon Output
  76. The Debugger Extension, Part 6: Scanning Threads
  77. The Debugger Extension, Part 5: Manipulating Managed Types
  78. The Debugger Extension, Part 4: Searching Memory
  79. My Tentative Approval of Visual Studio 2005
  80. The Debugger Extension, Part 3: A Crash Course in .NET Object Layout
  81. The Debugger Extension, Part 2: A Use Case & The Problem Setup
  82. The Debugger Extension, Part 1: What Is a DbgEng Extension?
  83. Exceptions are not a Control Mechanism
  84. Nonblocking Pool Class
  85. Hammer Hank Goldberg
  86. Press Innumeracy
  87. App Server Autopsy
  88. Debugging ASP and Visual Basic Applications, Some Assembly Required
  89. What Does It Take?
  90. Finally, This Site Produces Some Results
  91. Following Excel User-Defined Functions With WinDbg - A Debugging Odyssey
  92. Using WinDbg to Log Exceptions, Part 3
  93. Using WinDbg to Log Exceptions, Part 2
  94. Using WinDbg to Log Exceptions
  95. Dvorak at it Again
  96. Don Quixote vs. the Bookstore, Part II
  97. A Word for OllyDbg
  98. Jealous Much?
  99. Don Quixote vs. The Bookstore
  100. DivX Sux
  101. I Might Have Weird, Mystical Powers
  102. The End-of-Release-Cycle Motivational Email
  103. Visual C++ 6.0 Crashing on Startup
  104. Does ANYONE Comprehend ASP.NET Web Projects?
  105. A Macroeconomic Theory of Texas Holdem
  106. NAnt Task to Enforce VB.NET Project Settings
  107. DataSetSurrogate Remoting Sink
  108. The Mandelbrot Set Meets Rapid Development Tools
  109. John Dvorak Benefits from the Public Stupidity He Decries
  110. Four Irritating Lines of Code
  111. Annoy Your Friends and Colleagues with Global Flags
  112. Bizarro TypeInitializationException in System.Runtime.Remoting
  113. Conversations in the Park
  114. Console.WriteLine with Wordwrap
  115. Remoting Email Thread
  116. Things I Need
  117. N-tier Remoting Frustrations
  118. Managed Debugging With WinDbg, Part 1 of N
  119. Release Day 422: A Vignette
  120. Thread Safety in VB-2003 Events
  121. HttpModule for Performing a Custom Action for Certain URLs
  122. Significant Digits for the Innumerate
  123. The VB Compiler and Late Binding
  124. Six Reasons I Will Never Read the Da Vinci Code
  125. FxCop and Guidelines
  126. ESPN's Sunday Night Football Crew Makes Me Want to Club a Baby Harp Seal to Death
  127. Losing God in the Fallacies
  128. Fear and Loathing in Middle America
  129. Visual Basic Case Insensitivity
  130. A Hypothetical Interview with D. Oscar McKinley
  131. The Unbelievable Oppression of Lyrics Webistes
  132. Statistics (Or as we said in Pennsylvania, "Suh-tistics")
  133. The "Other" DataSet Serialization Problem
  134. I'm Turning into a Pile of Sand
  135. Attributes, WithEvents, and Backing Fields
  136. Visual Basic Conversion Keywords are Thunderdome
  137. A Hoy-hoy
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