Debugger Feature Request
January 26th, 2006

Mike Stall has had a recent string of posts about debugger features, which got me thinking about what I waste time doing in debuggers these days.

Omniscient debuggers would be great, but what I would really like is a memory window that I can annotate. I don’t care if this makes it into Visual Studio or WinDbg, but it would save me time that I currently waste scribbling on notepads.

I should be able to stick some comments in the memory window, and they should stay at that address for the extent of the debugger run. This is what I mean:

debugger feature request

In this case, since my memory window is @ESP, I should be able to see my annotations being pushed down on the stack as I step.

I realize maybe one percent of developers could use this, but dammit, we’re the coolest one percent.