A Hoy-hoy
October 24th, 2004

Welcome to my futile attempt to educate the literate public on several issues near and dear to my heart. Here I hope to cover these and other topics:

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are obviously going to win the Super Bowl this year.
  • Visual Basic is pretty annoying sometimes.
  • Boy, it’s really hot and dry in my office.
  • So strap in, and brace for the G’s - it’s going to be wild.

I’m not usually a fan of talking about myself, but I feel inexplicably obliged to reveal a few things to the five or six people who will see the site between now and the time I show up in the Hobo Obituaries.

I graduated from Cornell in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science. I am currently a developer for a financial services software firm in New York City. Its not necessarily a secret which one, as I don’t intend to give away the company doubloons or post anything too subversive. But, I’m not going to go out of my way to mention it. So far I have been brutally exposed to:

  • Humidity rarely exceeding 30%.
  • MS Office integration in C++/VB6 COM.
  • Enterprise ASP.NET development, and advanced web controls.
  • Framework development for a large (-ish) development team.
  • Some .NET Remoting stuff that would make your head explode.

That will do for now. If you’re out on your bike tonight, do wear white.