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What is Dan Doing?
September 1st, 2007

Hey, by the way, the last post is likely to be my last Windows-oriented post for the forseeable future. I have recently quit the financial sector and will be starting a fantastically cool new job here in a few weeks. I no longer have a Windows machine at home at all, so unless I take up Mono, expect a lot of posts that mention emacs from now on. I think this will be for the best, since I’ve been kind of bored and nonplussed with .NET stuff lately, F# notwithstanding.

Giving up on Microsoft development entirely was a little bittersweet until someone showed me XMLScript a week or two ago—clearly, a lot of people in that world are out of their god damned minds. Best of luck writing xhtml-serving web applications defined in xml markup with client script written declaratively in more xml, also exposing xml web services to rich client applications defined largely in XAML, updated automatically as defined in xml configuration files, to those of you lucky enough to get to do this.

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