DivX Sux
August 27th, 2005

Look —

I am an end user of DivX. I could not possibly care less about how great the DivX codec is. To be honest, my discerning eye cannot tell the difference between a DivX-encoded movie and an animated GIF. I do not encode my own movies.

So given all of that, explain to me why in the hell I would want this notification icon.

DivX Sux

Even if you MUST create a notification icon, I still expect it to hide correctly. Instead, for some reason, it shows and hides itself about once a second while I am watching, say, a Channel 9 video.

This resizes everything on my taskbar. It is absurdly distracting, and makes it more difficult to concentrate on the video. If for no other reason, this makes DivX automatically the worst possible codec with which to record a movie.

DivX, you are not the coolest most amazing program ever written in the history of mankind. You are a stupid video format and you should operate behind the scenes where you belong.

A pox on you and your family.