Does ANYONE Comprehend ASP.NET Web Projects?
July 16th, 2005

Once every few weeks I find myself wrestling with these foul beasts. And each time, I find the following phrase echoing in the empty space between my ears.

Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens.

I have been making every attempt to avoid dealing with them. For the most part, a series of NAnt scripts have insulated me. But now and then I need to get one working for the sake of helping one of the many lost souls who depend on them.

Last time, I took screenshots.

The first step was to try to add the project to a solution.

Making a web project, step 1

It wants me to enter the URL of the project, so far so good…

Making a web project, step 2

Now we have the first sign of trouble. The URL bit appears to have punted to a standard file open dialog.

Making a web project, step 3

I faithfully yet skeptically select the file, but I have the sinking feeling of having been here before.

Making a web project, step 4

Ah yes, I remember now.

Making a web project, step 5

So there you have it: web projects are an ouroboros; they are a maddening riddle, answered only by another question.