Things I Need
March 27th, 2005

It would be really great if any of these things existed. Some of them might, but I’ve been unsuccessful in finding any of them.

  1. A utility that finds/cleans files that are in Visual Sourcesafe, but are not found in Visual Studio projects and/or solutions. When a file is ‘deleted’ in VS2003, it’s not removed from VSS. Repeated on a vast scale, this gets annoying and throws a wrench into some other things that I’m trying to do.
  2. A NAnt task that lets me use csc/vbc for all files in a Visual Studio project. I need the command line arguments (ie, /debug:pdbonly) for both of those, and the convenience of the solution task. (Of all of these, it seems like this is the most likely to exist and I just haven’t found it.)
  3. DebugEngine extensions intended for ASP.NET apps. They should be able to show me the pages that are running, the HttpContext for each request, the items that are in session, and so forth.
  4. Someone who can take difficult, complex programming tasks from me. Ideally they would be smart enough that I would trust them implicitly, rather than agonize about the projects on a daily basis.
  5. A Visual Studio project type for managing a number of XML files. By that I mean, a bunch of NAnt scripts. Actually, any tool that has a solution-like treeview and a document outline utility will work.
  6. PowerCollections, but for .NET 1.1. (Yeah, yeah, it might not be too hard to port them myself).
  7. An “Add New Item…” item in Visual Studio that has NO default name set (like “Class1.cs”), NO autogenerated comments, and has internal access by default. If I call the item IAnything, it should figure out that the item is an interface and not a class.

I’ve had some success lately eliciting comments from knowledgeable googlers, and I have high hopes for this post.