Don Quixote vs. The Bookstore
September 4th, 2005

There’s nothing like eight hours in various airports to make you want to try to change the world. Here’s an email I just sent to Gary McBrayer of the Hudson Group. I will post any replies I receive.

To: Gary McBrayer

From: Dan McKinley

Dear Mr. McBrayer:

I was dismayed to see Kevin Trudeau’s “book” entitled “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About” available at your Hudson News bookstore in the Pittsburgh International Airport. Even worse, it was shelved in the “Hudson Recommends” section.

Mr. Trudeau is not only a charlatan, but a convicted felon. His book is a dangerous fraud and its advice, if followed, could easily be deadly.

I invite you to follow these links for more information about Mr. Trudeau and his book. I am confident that you, properly informed, will remove this book from your shelves. - Skeptic’s Dictionary entry on Kevin Trudeau. — Mr. Trudeau’s book is removed from Walgreen’s Pharmacies for its irresponsible content. - Wikipedia entry on Kevin Trudeau.

Sincerely, D. Oscar McKinley