Dan McKinley
Math, Programming, and Minority Reports

Some Photos of Brooklyn Renaissance
April 24th, 2008

In front of City Hall, a man plays the steel drums in front of the ZipCar tent. Increased access to the birthright of every citizen (the automobile) was advocated. Free watermelon was served.

Zipcar tent at Borough Hall

Nearby a person reminds us (via bumper sticker) to drive safely, while parked in a painted bike lane.

Bike lane asshole

The placard in his window lets us know that this person is a hero, rather than an ordinary disgrace.


Back at Etsy Labs, time for the deliveries (that’s the sidewalk).

UPS on the sidewalk

Also near the Labs, signs that Brooklyn’s repressed SUV-owning minority are joining forces and taking back the sidewalks.

SUV club asshole on the sidewalk

Meanwhile, on Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard, a woman is brutally killed.

Fatal accident on Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard

If it occurs to anyone that traffic should not be hurtling through Brooklyn at speed, they don’t speak up.

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