Reverse Job Advertisement
March 24th, 2007

I figured this was worth a shot.

I am:

  • Someone that has been hacking since childhood.
  • Someone that has spent most of his Saturday doing problems in a Haskell textbook for fun.
  • Someone that thinks programming is very similar to art, if one is sufficiently good at it.
  • Compelled by forces beyond my control to refactor code until it is elegant.
  • Equally comfortable debugging disassembly, arguing with you about math, and frantically scribbling on your whiteboard.
  • Able to debug your problem. Trust me.

You are:

  • An early stage startup led by software people.
  • Located in Manhattan or Brooklyn, or your idea is so incredibly exciting that I am willing to relocate to participate in it.
  • Not using Java, Visual Basic, or other such variants of COBOL.
  • Able to pay me, so that I can continue to pay my rent and avoid subsisting on boiled newspaper. This either means that you are funded, or you have a very clear idea of how you are going to make money.
  • Not an egomaniac.
  • If you think that you fit this description, please contact me at mcfunley at (google’s mail service).