Six Reasons I Will Never Read the Da Vinci Code
December 27th, 2004

In no particular order. I’m sure I could think of more than six, but it’s a round number.

  1. People seem to get worked up about it. Some tend to be ambiguous, trying to take credit for the ideas contained within it in an attempt to sound intelligent or informed.
  2. It has sparked TV specials endlessly advertised during the only network programming I have watched in the last five years, namely, football and baseball.
  3. My doctor advised me against participating in crazes. Also: fads, manias, fevers, trends, and rages.
  4. From what I have heard, all of the fawning over the Golden Ratio, numerology, and other pseudoscientific language would probably get me very annoyed.
  5. If you walk onto a subway car and more than two people on the same car are reading a book, it is virtually guaranteed that they are “reading TV.” Life is too short to read crap.
  6. I haven’t made it to the “religion” thing yet, I still haven’t gotten over the digital watches.

Please leave me a note if you believe me to be mistaken.