New MacBook Pro, Jealous?
March 31st, 2007

I suppose I finally had enough of the carpal tunnel caused by typing `\` to delimit directories (yes, powershell helps a little, but not enough).

Or, I decided I knew enough about Windows for now and needed to branch out.

Or maybe I was just in a rut.

Well, I’m happy about whatever it was that caused me to make my latest impulse purchase.

Haskell in Emacs

I’ve had it less than a week. Great stuff so far:

  • Having a unix-based OS to develop on is fantastic. The compilers for the languages I prefer to use in my spare time these days seem to work much better, presumably because many of the people who work on those languages also use Macs. GHC, for one, isn’t terribly well supported on Windows.
  • It only took me a second to figure out how to swap caps lock and control for emacs.
  • It’s great to have a terminal that doesn’t suck. (Though, it’d be hard to do worse than cmd.exe. I’m aware of several valiant attempts at replacing it, but none compare.)
  • GarageBand - watch for my band to make a splash on the indie hate folk scene sometime in 2007. That’s a genre I just invented, by the way.

I guess that’s mostly developer stuff, which is odd since Apple’s marketing actively makes fun of programmers.

I don’t see myself ceasing Windows development anytime in the next decade, though, so if you’re only here for .NET debugging stuff I wouldn’t head for the hills just yet.