Slightly More about Dan McKinley

I’m originally from a small town in Western Pennsylvania. I went to college at Cornell, and stumbled from there to New York City, where I lived for over a decade. Eventually I cracked up and moved to Los Angeles, where I currently reside with my son Oscar.

Dan McKinley
Your humble correspondent. Big Bear Lake, California, 2013.

Here is a selection of a few things I’ve made.

  • Skyliner

    I cofounded Skyliner.

    I joined Etsy when it was less than twenty very crazy people and left in 2014. At some point I worked on pretty much every feature and backend facility on the site. By the time I was ready to leave, I was mostly working on search, data, and writing text in English. I am very proud of my work here.
  • Various Talks

    Some of these have been popular.

    This site aims to give you a snowball's chance in hell in running a reasonable web experiment. I will happily accept pull requests in lieu of arguments about statistics.
  • A Simulation of Ehrenfest's Urn

    This is a simple kineticjs simulation and barely worth mentioning. But I'm excessively proud of it because Sean Carroll called it "great," thus completing my life. Here's the code.

I have a longer-form resume that you can see here, although I cannot promise that it’s completely current.